May 20th, 2015 – Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD), Brunei’s leading financial institution, organised today a media familiarization visit at its flagship branch in Kiulap to foster better understanding on BIBD’s services and operations, as well as its commitment to provide innovative, world-class banking solutions to customers from all walks of life.

During the visit, the respective media were given a tour of BIBD Kiulap Branch, PERDANA Banking lounge, BIBD Contact Centre, as well as briefing by Mr. Imran Samee, BIBD’s Head of Consumer Banking, and team. The briefing session on BIBD’s unique approach to customer service and key innovations, coupled with site tour and live simulation of the Bank’s services, gave media a dynamic understanding of the flagship branch’s best-in-class facilities and the groundbreaking initiatives that BIBD has undertaken in recent years.

“Our efforts and investments across our operations, products, and services are all geared towards providing a highly performant and enjoyable experience for all customers, individuals and corporations alike. BIBD’s refurbished branches perfectly demonstrate our ‘Bruneian at Heart’ values, providing customers in Brunei with world-class yet relatable and refreshed retail experience,” said Mr. Imran.

Inspired by the warmth of Bruneian hospitality and its heritage as a nation, the flagship branch features upgraded facilities and better service-based ambiance, ensuring that the best services and practices would be delivered to all of BIBD’s existing and potential customers. Located one level above BIBD Kiulap branch, the exclusive PERDANA Privilege Banking lounge is equipped with comforts expected by premium customers. Privacy, confidentiality, comfort, dedicated Relationship Managers, and other privileges are available for BIBD PERDANA Privilege Banking account holders in the luxurious lounge.

IMG_2015-05-20 23:02:02

A view of the BIBD Perdana Lounge. Pic courtesy of RA

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